Prom Dresses


A prom Dress you will wear again and again – really. The school Prom has crossed the Atlantic and is now an important date in the summer calendar for many teenage girls across the U.K.

We have found that there are girls who know exactly what they want and others who are not sure what to wear for this special milestone event.

All of our dresses are individually designed and made, so if you want to be The Belle of the Ball, an Uber-cool fashionista or a Steampunk rebel, we can oblige. We are here to tackle our young client’s prom dress fears, tick boxes for their parents and put smiles on everyone’s faces.

You can work with our designer Jocelyn to design your own dream dress.

You can be sure no one else will be wearing the same as you.

Your outfit will fit you perfectly.

And if you choose one of our Corset Bodice tops you can wear it again and again with different skirts, hot-pants or even your Jeans for a more casual look.